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Memorial Day Parade

Memorial Day Parade
Several Democrats walked in the Memorial Day parade in Deansboro.

Choose Humanity by Gary Ford

Next Tuesday gives us a chance to make a choice for humanity. Some people mix up hope with humanity. The man who sent the pipe bombs to Democrats who criticized Trump had hope. He hoped his bombs would kill and injure many, and somehow help his hero. The man who walked into the "Tree of Life" synagogue and killed 11 defenseless people also hoped that he would be able to kill more. These despicable individuals had hope, but they had no humanity.

We have all been subjected to too many attack ads as Election Day nears. They are ugly, often inaccurate, even hateful, and somehow hope that their negativity will be more convincing than the other side's. Individual candidates and their campaigns hope that emphasizing or fabricating their opponent's misdeeds and misstatements will overlook their own failures and transgressions.

So I'm looking for the candidate who chooses humanity. People who seek to build better bridges between us, and seek to unify, not divide us. I want someone whose humanity is strong enough to work with people they disagree with in order to compromise, and move us forward. I seek a candidate who remembers Lincoln's words about a government of, by and for the people, words that still inspire humanity.

That is why I'm voting for Anthony Brindisi next Tuesday.

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